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Results Driven Organizations Podcast

Sep 5, 2023

Our special guest today is Tiffany Collie Baily, the CEO of Girls Inc. Atlanta. Tiffany leads Girls Inc., a national organization that spans over 1,500 sites in 350 cities throughout the United States and Canada.

Tiffany is a highly accomplished executive, renowned for her exceptional ability to deliver tangible results and achieve ambitious goals. Throughout her career, she has held various key positions, including COO, Deputy Executive Director, Development Director, and CEO. In each role, she has consistently demonstrated her expertise in devising and executing innovative strategies within the dynamic realm of healthcare nonprofits and philanthropy.

Tiffany possesses a profound understanding of the nonprofit sector, community healthcare management, and fundraising endeavors. Her areas of expertise lie in strategic planning, fundraising development, and fostering strong community relations. With her extensive knowledge and experience, she has consistently made valuable contributions to the organizations she has worked with, paving the way for their success.

 Tiffany is currently reading, Disruptive Thinking, TD Jakes