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Results Driven Organizations Podcast

Dec 5, 2023

Our guest today is Dr. Raushannah Johnson Verwayne, the visionary CEO and Clinical Psychologist at Standard of Care Psychological Services, She is affectionately known as Dr. RJ. With a unique fusion of clinical insight and corporate strategy, Dr. RJ stands as a beacon of transformation for high performers, specializing in supporting people of color and first-generation executives on their journey to conquer stress, anxiety, and burnout.

Dr. RJ is has made expert appearances on TV One – For My Man and Oxygens Snapped. She’s  a best selling author of "Executive Burnout: 7 Reasons Why High Performers Crash and Burn Before Reaching Their Full Potential." In this transformative work, she unveils the hidden challenges faced by high achievers and provides practical insights to break free from the cycle of burnout. Dr. Raushannah “RJ” Johnson-Verwayne | LinkedIn


  • Leadership, strategy, and results in organizations. 3:18

    • Dr. Taunya Lowe discusses results-driven philosophy for leadership and customer experiences.

  • Leadership, podcasting, and personal growth. 14:04

    • Speaker 2 discusses their hair care routine and recommends a book for listeners to read.

    • Dr. Tom Ulo interviews Benjamin Hardy on his podcast, discussing leadership and organizational growth.

  • Managing stress and anxiety during the holidays. 18:07

    • Dr. Rashanna Johnson, a clinical psychologist and CEO, helps high performers overcome burnout through her unique fusion of clinical insight and corporate strategy.

    • Speaker 3 shares how they used to feel stressed during the holidays due to unrealistic expectations, and now prioritizes self-care to manage stress as a leader.

    • Journaling can help individuals set their own expectations and manage outside distractions during the holiday season.

    • Writing down what will make today great can serve as an anchor for the day, helping to manage expectations and reduce stress.

  • Mental health, holiday stress, and leadership support. 25:22

    • Speaker 2 and 3 discuss prioritizing experiences over material gifts during the holidays.

    • Permission to design life, grieve, and enjoy Hallmark movies during holidays.

    • Leaders should slow down, listen, and be attentive to their team members' needs during challenging times.

  • Managing stress and well-being for leaders during the holiday season and beyond. 32:29

    • Leaders should prioritize self-care by planning ahead and using a "board of directors" (calendar) to make decisions during the holiday season.

    • Speaker 2 shares their personal struggle with saying yes to things they don't want to do, leading to burnout and anxiety.

    • Speaker 3 emphasizes the importance of saying no to things that don't align with one's desires, to show up as their authentic self and avoid negative self-talk.

    • Leaders should invest in wellness programs and executive coaches to promote ongoing stress management and create a culture of well-being within their organizations.

  • Leadership, self-care, and productivity. 39:44

    • Dr. RJ recommends "Be Your Future Self Now" by Benjamin Hardy, a book that encourages readers to work towards their higher selves without stressing themselves.

    • Dr. RJ's favorite audiobooks include "Be Your Future Self Now" and "Results-Driven Organizations," both of which offer valuable insights for personal and professional growth.

    • Speaker 3 discusses their upcoming foot surgery and plans to promote things during convalescence.

    • Speaker 2 talks about a conference they recently attended, Groove Conference, and how they're going to send screenshots to promote it to Speaker 3.

  Dr. Raushannah “RJ” Johnson-Verwayne | LinkedIn

Executive Burnout: 7 Reasons Why High Performers Crash and Burn Before Reaching Their Full Potential

Dr. RJ is reading: Be Your Future Self Now by Bejamin Hardy

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