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Results Driven Organizations Podcast

Nov 7, 2023

Our guest today is DeLeasa Brown, President/CEO Jireh Java House. She's known for revitalizing Health Information Management departments and nurturing staff, prioritizing sustainable outcomes, and aligning change efforts with organizational goals.

With 30+ years in healthcare, DeLeasa excels in Health Information Management, particularly in Revenue Cycle Management, Health Information Governance, Process Improvement, and Shared Services. She's adept at building relationships with teams, patients, physicians, vendors, and clients.

DeLeasa is recognized for her strategic thinking and consistent, effective results achieved through meticulous planning. She is a crital thinker, a strategic planner.

Her skills encompass critical thinking, decision-making, and conflict resolution in daily management. Through strategic execution, she enhances productivity, fostering lasting positive changes and synergies. Her competitive yet solution-driven mindset underscores an impressive track record in problem-solving and accountability. As an Operations Leader, DeLeasa leaves an indelible mark on healthcare, combining decades of experience with an unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation, and advancing Health Information Management practices.

Deleasa is currently reading Atomic Habits by James Clear 

DeLeasa (US Army Veteran) Brown | LinkedIn


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